Travel Tip: Reusable Water Bottles for the Plane

Reusable Water Bottles For The Plane

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In today’s quick travel tip, I want to talk about using reusable water bottles for the plane. I’ve always brought along the kids’ sippy cups, but now that they’re older and don’t need formula, milk, or bottles, we’ve moved to straight water bottles. Our current favorites are from Klean Kanteen. I used to buy water at the airport so I didn’t have to bring something extra, but that can add up in price now that everyone wants their own. Not only that, but my littlest kiddo likes to play with the tops and usually causes a mess. For our last two trips, I’ve brought our regular every day water bottles from home. It has worked out really well. Our airport even has water bottle filling stations to encourage people to bring their own bottles, so it makes it really easy. On our return, I was in a hurry and ended up just filling them from a bathroom faucet, but I’m sure a request from a coffee shop or restaurant would also work. We’re not leaving home without our bottles again!

Our current favorites:



White Water Rafting With Kids

White Water Rafting With Kids

This summer, we took the plunge (almost literally) with our oldest child who is 4-½. Like this blog suggests, we are all about taking the kiddos along on our adventures. Each year, the excursions and adventures get a little more daring and a little more advanced. This year’s big one was white water rafting.

We have a lot of white water rafting in our area. While I haven’t gone a lot, my husband tries to go white water kayaking or rafting a few times a summer. The river we’ve done before is very advanced and includes a Class V rapid. I’m not going to lie, it is scary at times! I was thinking of something new for our annual summer adventures with my in-laws. They are active and had, in recent years, taken the local Class IV-V trip. This year, I decided maybe we could find something similar, but different. Another trip about an hour away advertised trips for ages 4 and older. I thought it would be really fun for my daughter and husband to take his parents on a new river. Eventually, we even rearranged our schedules and got a babysitter for our youngest so I could go.

Our daughter was pretty excited to go on such an adventure, and especially to leave her little brother behind. For us, we knew she was ready because she is a water lover and a very strong swimmer for her age. We spend lots of time in both the pool, and around lakes and rivers. She was used to wearing a lifejacket and was not irritated or upset when asked to do so. She also is pretty adventurous and loves to get to do “adult” things without her younger brother.

How did the trip go?

We rafted the Deschutes River in Oregon, which is a Class III-IV trip. They matched us with a guide who had recently taken his nephews down the same route, which was great. We really appreciated his concern for C’s needs and mood. We were able to take up a full raft for our trip, so that was also a perk so no one was upset when we didn’t take the most difficult route down a set of rapids. All in all, it went pretty well. The biggest issue was that our daughter didn’t like getting splashed by the cold water. The day wasn’t as warm as we anticipated and we probably could have gotten her a little wetsuit. She definitely was upset in a few areas, but we just rearranged the raft and moved her back where she could watch her mom and dad get soaked instead. Much of the trip was a mellow float down the river, which was a great introduction to the sport and to the area.

I would follow these tips for our next trip:

  • Try to fill a raft so you can control your trip a bit more.
  • Stick to ½ days. The guide told us full days and young kids always ends up too long.
  • Ask for the guide with the most kid rafting experience.
  • Dress them warmly. We probably could have dressed C a little warmer so the water wasn’t such a shock.

Don’t forget to be a good judge of your child’s character. Little C is pretty adventurous and loves to go on outings. Our son is a pretty good athlete, but tends to be a little more cautious about new situations. The important part is to not be afraid to bring your kiddos along on your adventures!