Bike Rack for Kids’ Bikes

While this post is more inspirational than a step-by-step on making a bike rack for kids’ bikes, I thought my readers might like to check out what has been working for us.

Around the New Year, I just couldn’t stand stepping over the kids’ bikes again. They were spread all over the garage floor and seemed to make a mess and a danger zone. It wasn’t their fault though. They have balance bikes that don’t stand up by themselves. Nor had we given them a place to put them. I mentioned it to my husband and told him how I had an idea for a quick bike rack that he could throw together. He jumped on board, saw my vague vision, and in about an hour’s time, with scrap wood, made the rack you see below. I wish I had plans to share, but it was one of our, we have time, so let’s get it done as quickly as possible projects. It’s perfect! The kids’ bikes have hardly been on the floor since we gave them a spot to put them.

Bike Rack for Kids' Bikes


Frequent Flyer Program Benefits for Your Family

Did you know that having a family member who is a very frequent flyer can also benefit the rest of your family beyond the obvious perk of using the miles for tickets? My husband is a Platinum level flyer in Delta’s Medallion program. As either a Platinum or Diamond level flyer, he is able to gift a Medallion status to the person of his choosing. He has a list of bonuses to choose from that includes upgrades, bonus miles, gift cards, or Delta Sky Club passes. Before kids, I also used to be a Silver or Gold Medallion flyer with Delta and got to enjoy occasional upgrades, mileage bonuses, and more.

The benefits of being a Silver Medallion flyer can be small, but over an entire trip, they can really add up. The biggest plus is that we avoid baggage fees for myself and my kiddo companions. You could also get this by having an airline credit card, but we don’t have one at this time, so this saves us $100 or more per trip. (We don’t do the carry-on only thing because I’m usually juggling two little ones and a car seat or two, so we always check a bag). At some airports (ours included), we get to use the Priority lines for both ticketing and security. HUGE! My kids get so antsy when waiting in a long security line. This is a really great help for me. Since I travel with two pretty young kiddos, I usually take early boarding, but if my kids were a little older, we could also get on before general boarding, which is nice to secure places for carry-on baggage. Finally, we also get access to discounted or free economy plus seating when available. Very rarely, on a really empty flight, a Silver Medallion can also get a complimentary upgrade to Business Class, but this hasn’t happened to me since I’ve been flying with my little companions.

If we book flights and fly with my husband, the perks even get a little grander. We have access to complimentary economy plus seating and get to use the Priority lines at all airports. He has TSA Pre-Check, so he is able to quickly bypass security with one or both kids while I stand in the standard Priority line.

If your spouse or another member of your family travels a lot, be sure to check out frequent flyer benefits for your family. Each award program is unique though, so be sure to read through yours thoroughly to make sure you’re taking advantage of benefits that could ease your family’s travel days.