Memories of Maui

A few weeks ago, we got to spend a little over a week in Maui. We went with my family as a bit of a holiday trip. It was fabulous. I’ve been fortunate to go to Hawaii a number of times and this was my most memorable trip. Perhaps it was because our kiddos are old enough for a number of fun activities, maybe it was the beauty of the island, which we had never visited before. We loved it. We can’t wait to go back. Today, I just wanted to keep it simple and share a few of my favorite photos. I will write a later post about our favorite things to do and what worked and what didn’t work, etc.

A Monk Seal Down the Beach "Jaws" The Road to Hana Stand Up Paddling Iao Valley Iao Valley The Coast A Blow Hole My Husband Kiteboarding Sunrise on Haleakala "Kite Beach" Sunset from Our Lanai Coconuts!

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