Travel Tip Tuesday: Free TV Episodes from iTunes

Free TV Episodes from iTunes

I’m back to blogging this week after a hectic week last week that ended up with my youngest in the ER for a large cut on his finger that required 7 stitches. Luckily he will be fine, but I’m fearful that we are going to be frequent ER visitors with this kiddo. He’s not nearly 3 and in 2 months time has had staples in his head for a cut to the back of his head and stitches in his finger, not to mention the crazy things he does on his bike. Isn’t it interesting how personalities develop? I wouldn’t have guessed a year ago that he would be so daring and such a little athlete.

In this week’s travel tips, I want to share how you can browse the iTunes store for free TV episodes to download to your device. Often, I fly with my kids by myself to either visit family while my husband is on a work trip or to meet him where his is traveling. Now that the kids are getting a little older, they’re keeping a little busier on the plane, but they still need a lot of attention. Frequently, I’m too distracted to really read a book. If we’re lucky, we may have in-flight entertainment, but I don’t really count on that. So, I usually browse the free tv episodes section of iTunes before our flight or trip. This way, I don’t feel guilty if I don’t watch a show or movie that I’ve paid for, and I have some light entertainment for when the kiddos are busy.

I’ll admit, they don’t always have the best selection, but since we’re going into fall TV season, I may keep an eye on the choices and download a few even though our next trip isn’t planned yet. Sometimes there are even Food Network shows or other similar shows which don’t matter too much if you don’t want the rest of the season. Make sure to select the full episodes though, sometimes they offer clips that look like full shows. To find the free TV episodes, browse to the TV Shows section of the iTunes store and scroll down towards the bottom. Usually there’s a pretty simply colored “Free TV Episodes” button.

Be sure to check the free TV section of iTunes before your next trip!