Passports with Purpose – Fundraising for Clean Wells

Passports with Purpose Today I’m doing something a little different – I’m blogging about Passports with Purpose. They are a great organization founded by a small group of travel bloggers as a way to give back to the places we visit as travelers. Founded in 2008, they raised $7400 for Heifer International. Each year since has grown in goals and projects. They’ve helped build schools in Cambodia, a village in India, and last year, $90,000 went to help build libraries in Zambia.

This year’s beneficiary is More specifically, this year’s fundraising will go towards funding wells in two communities in rural Haiti, providing much needed access to clean water. With big and little travel companies and bloggers on board, this year’s goal is to raise $100,000.

[h2]Why am I helping?[/h2]

Water is a crucial resource in any community. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and sail competitively on many bodies of water. I’ve seen some crystal clear water and some not so clean water. I’ve mostly traveled in the developed world where access to clean water is sometimes taken for granted. It can easily be forgotten that millions of people don’t have this basic necessity of life. Having spent most of my summers around the water, it was an easy connection for me to make when I saw this year’s Passports With Purpose fundraiser.

[h2]How am I helping?[/h2]

I asked my good friends over at West Coast Sailing to donate a pair of Kaenon Sunglasses. Not only is West Coast Sailing all about spending time on the water and keeping it clean, but Kaenon Sunglasses is also a company with roots deep in the water and sailing world. Whether you love spending time on the water or not, who doesn’t need a great pair of sunglasses. I’m such an advocate of these sunglasses that I own four pairs!

Kaenon UPD[h2]The Kaenon UPD’s in Kiwi Green[/h2]

The UPD’s are a lightweight and subtly styled unisex frame. They have stainless steel hinges that provide maximum comfort and protection for sport and street. The lenses are polarized and contain Kaenon’s proprietary Light Transmission Control™ (LTC™) technology. In other words, they are awesome for any glare or sunny conditions. These sunglasses come with a micro-fiber cleaning bag and a lightweight sport case. The retail value is $169 US.

[h2]How Can You Help?[/h2]

Make a donation to between November 28th and December 11th. For every $10 donation that you make, you can choose to be entered to win a prize. The prizes range from my fantastic Kaenon Sunglasses to full vacation packages. I’m writing this post before the prize catalog goes live, but I can’t wait to check it out. Just a $10 donation could win you these great sunglasses from West Coast Sailing. Donate a little more and enter to win other fabulous prizes. Visit the Passports With Purpose page for more information and some odds of winning. Note that it’s not an auction, but rather a drawing. The more you donate, the better your odds. Please consider donating to help people less fortunate than us get access to clean water.

Thank you, 2012 Passports With Purpose Sponsors:


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